800 m² Build

1,969 m² Plot

4+ Bedrooms

4+ Bathrooms


Located within the Finca Cortesin resort

Beautiful indoor & outdoor gardens

Luxury turnkey project

Designed & furnished by the best

While a home with a view is always desirable, this truly inspiring property has been conceived with the idea of creating an inspiring and beautiful inner landscape within the villa, whatever is going on in the environment beyond. As you approach the property, the dramatic high walls and strong architectural shapes create an air of mystery and a desire to enter into the inner sanctum of this intriguing home.

Once inside, you can fully appreciate how the designer has blurred the boundaries between the interior and exterior by fully embracing Nature within the home. Taking inspiration from the harmonious, Zen-like gardens of Japan, this villa has a vast internal courtyard filled with exuberant life in the form of fully-grown trees, plants, rocks, completed with serene water features and the calming sound of gently running water.

The exaggerated height of the living space is the ideal backdrop for a “hanging garden” effect with the soothing greens, browns and bronze colours of nature reflected beautifully in the stunning, symmetrical décor. In a 21st century homage to Art Deco, geometric shapes and circles – fashioned in strong, noble materials including stone, marble, glass and mirroring create an exquisite backdrop to contemporary classic furniture. Rich fabrics, original light fixtures and large-scale art pieces are among the features which come together to create a warm, luxurious ambience.

From the simple, understated kitchen design, the serene and stylish bedrooms, to the stunning interior and exterior living space, wherever you look, this fabulous home delivers sublime, eye-catching views and sensory delights for you to savor. Could this masterpiece of Nature be the home of your dreams?